Ko Olina Wedding Meeting Place

Ko Olina Beach Sidewalk


Please meet our Wedding Minister and Photographer by the Disney Vacation Club in between JW Ihilani Marriott and AULANI Disney Resort.
(See more angles of the meeting location in the photos below.)

If you are staying at AULANI RESORT or JW MARRIOTT let us know if you prefer to meet us at your hotel lobby.

Ko Olina Lagoon

Beach Lagoons

Pathway from parking area to Ko Olina Lagoon, AULANI Resort on the left and J.W. Marriott on the right.

DISNEY Vacation Club

Ko Olina Marriott

View of Disney Vacation Club from the lawn at JW MARRIOTT.

J.W. Marriott


View of the J.W. MARRIOTT from the Disney Vacation Club.

Ko Olina Beach Wedding

  • Minister
  • Photographer
  • 2 Flower Leis
  • Souvenir Certificate
  • SPECIAL: only $599.00

Paradise Cove Wedding

  • Paradise Cove Property Rental (2 hours)
  • Up to 50 Chairs Set-Up
  • Wedding Minister
  • Photographer
  • 120-140 Photos
  • Framed Wedding Certificate
  • Total: $1949.00

Papailoa Beach Wedding

  • Wedding Minister
  • Photographer
  • 2 Flower leis
  • Souvenir Certificate
  • Total: $749.00

Hawaii Marriage License

Please apply for your Marriage License a week or two before you arrive in Hawaii.
Marriage License Application

Then visit the MARRIAGE LICENSE OFFICE to pick up your Marriage License, and bring it to the ceremony for our Wedding Minister to sign and file.

If you need Transportation to the MARRIAGE LICENSE OFFICE add $90.00 to your Wedding package and we can transport you 1-2 days before your Wedding.

How can I Order a Ko Olina Wedding?

Contact us if you have questions or wish to order your Wedding at Ko Olina Beach or Paradise Cove.